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Latest News from California

    March 1, 2015 - This year's legislative agenda includes several bills to regulate commercial medical marijuana cultivation and sales in California. None of them have been finalized yet, and all could be substantially changed by gutting and amending.
  • Researchers Allege Increase in Youth Marijuana Use Following Decrim Law
    February 17, 2015 - Having failed to find evidence that Prop 215 increased teen MJ use in CA, researchers are now alleging an increase in youth marijuana use following adoption of CA's decriminalization bill in 2011. Unfortunately, the CA AG stopped conducting its biennial surveys of student drug use, so it's difficult to confirm these figures.
  • UCLA Looks At Cannabis and Cancer
    January 13 - The UCLA Simms/Mann Center for Integrative Oncology, which has offered free psychosocial care for cancer patients and their families for 22 years, kicked off its 2015 "Insights into Cancer" lecture series with a panel on medicinal marijuana and cancer.
    December 19 - This year saw California NORML active on multiple fronts while we undertook preparations for a 2016 legalization initiative with the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform. Please join Cal NORML, renew your membership, or make a year-end donation to help us with our work in 2015!
  • Marijuana Arrests Steady, DUIs Decline in California
    December 12 - California reported 13,779 felony and 6,587 misdemeanor arrests for marijuana in 2013, about the same as the year before. Meanwhile, the number of DUI arrests dropped 7.5% to 162,199, the lowest level in decades.
  • A Tale of Two Counties: Fresno Balks But El Dorado Listens
    December 2 - Fresno supervisors failed to end their medical marijuana cultivation ban, while El Dorado county let stand their ordinance, opting to look at altering it rather than repeal it.
  • Fresno County To Consider Ending Its Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ban for Small Gardens
    December 1 - At a meeting tomorrow morning, Fresno county—the only county in California that has enacted a total ban on the cultivation of medical marijuana (indoors and out)—is considering allowing a 12-plant exemption to their ban, as well as amending fines and administrative procedures around their ordinance.
  • US Veterans Denied Pain Medications Over Medical Marijuana Use
    November 10 - As the US prepares to honor its veterans on Veteran’s Day, California NORML has been receiving phone calls and emails from vets who are being told by their VA doctors that they must choose between their prescription pain medications or their medical marijuana.

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